Live Online Projects
(only for BTECH, MCA, BCA, BE)

The program is targeted at bright and fresh Bachelors in engineering and students looking for industrial projects for their semesters to work on live industrial projects.

We aim to provide manuals, self-help books and guide books that can improve the quality of your education. Each is written by an expert in his or her field and can be downloaded as an e-book.
J2EE(Servlet/Jsp/Java Beans)
The internet is a world of information with millions of web pages and with JavaServer Pages (JSP) you can create dynamic web content rapidly. You will learn the basics of JSP, how to set-up Tomcat Servers, embedding Java in JSP pages and using Tag Libraries. Mail sending,database connection with mysql in online.
Installing and Configuring IIS server. Set up Sql Server database in server and also connect this programmatically, mail sending. And how to set up file to run on Internet.
Definition of the client-server model and overview of its implementation in the context of a web browser and a web server. Configuring the php.ini file, comments and code delimiters. Programmatically sending email with the mail() function. Connecting to a MySQL database in PHP with the mysql_connect() and mysql_select_db() functions. Installing and managing packages.
Note: You have to work in a live project as a team member after the training because we believe that the best test of your skills is when you are on the practical field. You will acquire valuable project experience.