Programming Microsoft .NET with VB.NET

They combine this exclusive experience with the benefit of an indepe- ndent view and comparisons with competing technologies. .

We aim to provide manuals, self-help books and guide books that can improve the quality of your education. Each is written by an expert in his or her field and can be downloaded as an e-book.
SSCSWORLD Experts brings you .NET experience unmatched by any other company. The SSCSWORLD Experts team was selected by Microsoft, more than a year before the public announcement of .NET, to adapt an entire language implementation -- several hundred thousand lines of code -- to the future platform. This culminated in a joint appearance with Bill Gates at the introduction of .NET.

The .NET Experts have more than two-years of experience working in depth with all major aspects of the technology: Common Language Runtime, Common Language Specification, Visual Studio.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET and others.They combine this exclusive experience with the benefit of an indepe ndent view and comparisons with competing technologies.
1 Building Blocks of ,NET
    1. Building Blocks of ,NET
    2. Common Language Runtime
    3. CLS and CTS
    4. MS IL
    5. Framework Class Libraries
    6. Assemblies
    7. JIT Compilation
    8. Garbage Collection

2 C#.NET Language Fundamentals
    1. Hello World" in C#.NET
    2. Command line compiler
    3. C# Types
    4. Control Statements
    5. Comments and XML Documentation
    6. Exception Handling

3 Object Oriented Programming in C#.NET
    1. Namespaces
    2. Classes
    3. Structs
    4. Enums
    5. Interfaces'
    6. Access Modifiers
    7. roperties
    8. Method's
    9. elegates and Events
    10. Indexers
    11. Attributes
    12. Constructor and Destructor
    13. Pointers and Unsafe code

4 .NET Framework Concepts - I
    1. Console I/O
    2. Working with Strings
    3. Formatting and Conversion
    4. File 1/0
    5. Serialization
    6. Threading

5 NET Framework Concepts - II
    1. Reflection
    2. Remoting
    3. XML Parsing
    4. Security

6 Writing GUI Applications with the .NET Framework
    1. System. Windows. Forms Namespace
    2. Introduction to basic controls
    3. Handling Events
    4. Working with Menus
    5. Advanced Controls
    6. Interacting with the Windows OS

7 Introduction to ADO. NET
    1. Data Access Concepts
    2. ADO. NET Namespaces
    3. . ADO. NET Object Models
    4. Exploring the DataSet
    5. Understanding XML and ADO.NET
    6. ADO.NET programming with Windows Forms

8 Writing Web Applications with the .NET Framework
    1. Understanding the concepts of the Web
    2. Web Servers and Web Applications
    3. Quick recap of HTML
    4. Working model of ASP.NET
    5. Web Controls
    6. Event Wire-up
    7. Databinding with ADO.NET
    8. Understanding Session
    9. Configurationfiles

9 Adv.ance Web Programming with ASP.Net
    1. Globalization
    2. Security & Maintance
    3. Caching

10 Introduction to Web Services
    1. Understanding the role of Web Services
    2. Anatomy of a Web Services
    3. Web Service Standards and Protocols
    4. ASP.NET Web Services
    5. Data driven Web Services
    6. Developing Web Service Clients
    7. Interoperability with other Implementations

11 Writing Mobile Applications With .NET Framework
    1. Understanding the mobility
    2. Developing Mobile web applications
    3. Mobile Web Controls
    4. Mobile enabling existing applications
    5. Programming with the compact framework
    6. Limitations of . NET Framework
    7. Developing a smart client application for Pocket PC

12 Advanced Concepts
    1. Customizing the VS.NET environment
    2. Developing localized and customized applications
    3. Exploring SDK tools
    4. Interoperating with existing applications
    5. Migrating Java applications to .NET

IDE Visual Studio 2005
Web ServerInternet Information Service 6 (IIS)
Database MySQL / SQL Server 2005 / Postgre SQL
Web Framework.NET Framework 2.0
All trainings are done with REAL TIME PROJECTS
Training Duration : 3 months
Class Allotment:3 days in a week
Training Fee: Rs. 6,000 only
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