Our instructors

Our instructors work hard to ensure that every class is safe and enjoyable.

We aim to provide manuals, self-help books and guide books that can improve the quality of your education. Each is written by an expert in his or her field and can be downloaded as an e-book.
All of training sscsworld instructors are well-trained, certified professionals who lead each class with quality materials and the highest of our industry's standards. The instructor demonstrates how to vary the intensity and level of participation so that students may set the pace and rate of progress for themselves. Our instructors work hard to ensure that every class is safe and enjoyable.
At a minimum our instructors hold master's degrees. 90% of our instructors hold doctorates. We have no kids with community college diplomas and fake CTO titles who "write" books on the buzzwords du jour which are essentially reformatted product documentation.
Each of our instructors have at least 20 years software development experience. In addition they have at least 10 years Java development experience.
Each of our instructors spend at least half of their time developing software or mentoring projects
Every one of our instructors are trained as instructors. We recognize that teaching and software development are two separate skills. Assuming that a good software developer is a good instructor is a logical fallacy
We will not hire a book author as an instructor. You want someone who spends their time developing software, not books. "The guy who wrote the book on the subject" is usually the least qualified to teach it; they spend their time writing books rather than software. They are more interested in selling books and self glorification.